About project Einstein@Home first-hand ... (Interview with the Project Manager)

 Especially for BOINC.RU a few questions answered one of the project managers Bruce Allen ( Nowember 2011 )  (Russian version)


 Bruce Allen - Director of the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (the Albert Einstein Institute) in Hannover Germany and a professor   of physics at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, working on the detection of gravitational waves.

 Certainly, in the answers Bruce was extreme laconic and short, but, nevertheless, I want to express to it the big gratitude that has found time   and desire for these answers.




1. What difficulties arise in the work of the project?

The scientific side is difficult, because we have large volumes of data, and we are still developing the data analysis methods that are being used.


2. Are you satisfied with the number of participants in your project?

Never! We would like to get many more participants. RIght now many of our searches take 6 months or a year to run. We could cut this time in 1/3 with three times as many participants.


3. Whether your expectations from this project have justified? Are you satisfied with the results?

For more than the past year, Einstein@Home has discovered about one new pulsar per month. This is very satisfying, and should encourage people to sign up for this project. Of course in the long run what I would really like is to discover gravitational waves with Einstein@Home!


4. Are you planning to continue working on the project?



5. In what direction it is planned to develop the project?

At the moment our main efforts are to improve the data analysis methods and to make efficient code that takes advantage of NVIDIA and ATI/AMD graphics cards in the computers of our volunteers.


6. What would you like to wish the participants of your project?

Good Hunting!!



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